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I’ve Been Bad

Are the phrases and wording we use around nutrition impacting our relationship with food? Junk, rubbish, bad 'I've been eating so badly over the last few days.' 'This is so naughty of me.' 'Junk food.' We have created this constant dialogue surrounding our food choices. Enforcing the idea that certain foods are bad/rubbish and that… Continue reading I’ve Been Bad

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Summer – It’s More Than A Body

Summer It's morning sunshine streaming through the window as you enjoy your first sips of coffee. It's ice cream dripping down the cone and coating your fingers. It's Sweltering evenings tangled in the sheets. It's yummy smells of barbecues in back gardens and warm doughnuts at the fun fair. It's lazy afternoons by the beach… Continue reading Summer – It’s More Than A Body

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Anger, Stress and All The Rest

We've all been there, you know? That place. Maybe your kids have been acting up non stop. Maybe relationships are strained. Maybe you're surrounded by idiots at work and feel like you're the only one putting any effort in. Problems with finances, problems with body image, problems with health, problems with, well, anything really. You… Continue reading Anger, Stress and All The Rest

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Living With PCOS and Recovering From Bulimia

I was unsure how to approach this post, should I be witty? Use humour? Blast out facts and figures? After a few attempts and a lot of paper scribbled on, to then be scrunched up and binned - I've opted for openness and honesty. This blog has included a lot of my recovery stories. Talking… Continue reading Living With PCOS and Recovering From Bulimia

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‘And What Is It That You Do?’

'And what is it that you do?' A conversation starter that is favoured among guests at parties and gatherings. 'Oh I'm just a lifeguard.' My mouth puts the words together and blurts them into the atmosphere before my brain can intervene, hastily followed by, 'But I teach fitness classes as well.' Attempting to reassure these… Continue reading ‘And What Is It That You Do?’