mental wellness

Are You Living Your Fullest Life?

As I write this I’m sitting in bed with the curtains draw, there’s clothes scattered around the floor and dirty dishes cluttering the sink.

A world that isn’t glamorous, nor would it look ‘full’ to a lot of people, not whilst there’s exotic corners of the world to discover, incredible food to taste, history to jump into, cultures to soak in and the aspect of ‘finding yourself’ to top it all off.

There’s the perfect jobs, the perfect social life, the perfect wardrobe, the perfect family.

Everyone wants you to believe that they’re living life to the max.

Chasing their dreams.

Living each day as if it were their last.

They tell me to do the same and I panic, I try desperately to scrabble together the frayed edges of my life, to make them as neat as possible, to make it look like my days don’t include me sitting in bed at 15.32 on a Monday eating cold toast.

There’s so much pressure to have everything sussed, to not waste the days because ‘you just never know when it will be your last’ and I find that incredibly overwhelming.

Am I doing enough? Progressing enough? Happy enough? Do I have the best job? The most fulfilled life?

Who knows?

But who can genuinely say that they have.

So I guess what I want to say is that ‘living each day as if it were your last’ doesn’t need to mean travelling, exploring, spending lots of money or even having lots of money. Sure, if that’s what you crave then do it! See those beautiful places that you have pinned on your Pinterest board, enjoy scrumptious cuisine, immerse yourself in different cultures!

But in the same breath, if the thought of getting take out and sitting in bed makes your soul happy today then do it!

If playing video games is what your drawn towards tonight, then grab that controller!

If it’s painting, knitting or reading makes you feel warm and fuzzy then get comfortable!

If you want to curl up away from the world for a few hours this evening then that’s good too.

I think we need to stop making ourselves feel guilty for our lives not looking a certain way, to believe that we need to do more, to believe that we need to be more. Sure, if you’re not happy with how your life looks right now then do what you can to change it. But if, like me, it’s the smaller things that bring you happiness, then stick with them.

Live life to the max in YOUR WAY.

Because as long as you’re enjoying it (for the most part) then that’s all that really matters.


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