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Cut That Out Of Your Diet


If your are allergic or have intolerances towards certain food products/groups then you should 100% listen to the advice from your medical professional.

If you don’t eat certain foods or fast for religious beliefs then please note that this post isn’t directed towards those practices.


Carbs make you puffy, a bloated mess. Don’t have them after 6pm or your digestive system will crash and burn.

Sugar, addictive, causes ‘bad’ skin. What about natural sugar? That’s okay, right? Scrap that, all sugar is evil. Put that fruit in the bin.

Dairy is a no go, pumped full of hormones and yucky stuff.

Gluten? What’s that? Sounds unhealthy, let’s cut it out.

Fats are killing us!

Meat is from the devil!

We’re all going to die!

Okay, slightly dramatic. Sorry.

What am I getting at?

The myths that we shroud our food in. The amount people are cutting out from their diets. The fact that malnourishment has become normalised by society.

On a whole, we are OBSESSED with weight loss, shrinking down to fit in, eating clean and that to live in a bigger body is the worst way to live (stop that mindset right now).

What it all comes down to is that we need energy, not just to live but to grow! Fats for a healthy brain function, proteins for cell growth, carbohydrates and sugars for energy!

People are partaking in cleanses and fasts to give their digestive systems ‘a rest’, cutting out food groups that the body needs because their aiming for prime ‘health’ and ‘cleanliness’ of the body.

‘I’m doing this for my health’

To feel more energetic’

To detox’

Sound familiar?

Maybe these were the soul intentions at the beginning, then someone comments on appearance, the weighing scales come out, the numbers have dropped and there’s a feeling of pride and what’s that…. happiness? There’s a belief that the weight loss has ‘detoxed’ the body and the urge to continue with this journey has bubbled up and its morphed into something else. But ask the question; was it really a ‘cleanse’ to start with? Or was the plan to lose weight in the back of your mind the whole time?

Yes, we can educate on the value of nutrition, but why does that have to turn into a lesson of what foods to fear? Teaching people to worry about the things they chose to eat or what’s ‘good’ and ‘bad’ is damaging and needs to stop.

Why do we do it?

Let’s think about the companies that sell us these fads. The power of these ‘amazing’ regimes goes hand in hand with the bodies that sell them:

Glossy haired, slim, white, privileged, attractive bodies.

These sought after bodies are meant to be the ‘perfect’ result of a snazzy diet. Of course we buy into it, thinking that if we too cut out these food groups or buy this shake kit that we will will also have long flowing hair, tight abs and dewy skin. The life that us mere mortals can only daydream about. But there’s a lack of dimension, lack of diversity and a lack of care when these fads are pushed our way, making us feel insecure and playing off of those insecurities.

We eat up the images of those bodies as much as we eat up the rubbish they’re selling, instead of just accepting our own messy, bumpy lives, instead of embracing all of the quirks that make us wonderfully individual.

So I say, stop following the crowd, say no to diets, say no to cutting out food groups, let’s stop trying to fit into a mould that isn’t really attainable for anyone!

Because as an individual, you are wonderful.


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