mental wellness

A Social Media Summer

Long drawn out days spent basking in the sun.

Hazy evenings accompanied by a glass of wine.

Sticky nights with the hint of a breeze slipping through the cracked window.


The idea of summer fills me with a warm glow, as if I were already sipping cocktails by the pool. The reality, however, leaves a sour taste on my tongue.

The season arrives with promises of happiness and excitement, but I can’t shake the idea that the only way this happiness is attainable is if I have a beautiful tan, long hair and washboard abs. Every year I turn into this brainwashed loon that believes the secret of a great summer lies within chiselled muscles and a golden glow.

Enough is enough hunny!

Even after everything I’ve learnt and all the work I’ve done on my mental wellbeing, let’s be honest, it’s not easy avoiding bodies on social media, people openly picking out their own flaws, which of course, opens up a whole world where I’m able to highlight my own insecurities if I’m not careful. It’s not easy to love the newly soft skin around my legs or stomach. It’s not easy to remain consistent within recovery without putting in a ton of energy EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Yes, summer is here and there’s going to be a influx of people posting their bikini shots with their ‘beach body ready’ hashtags and that familiar, gut wrenching feeing will inevitably surface, telling you to change your body, to lose weight, to restrict, to purge, to do everything within your power to get ‘poolside appropriate’. As this happens let’s remind ourselves to take a step back, to pause and to have a talk with ourselves.

Remember, not every picture you see online is an accurate portrayal of those individuals. Poses can be manipulated and bellies can be sucked in. People can look completely different and put across a completely different lifestyle with the aid of social media.

You don’t need to lose weight, smooth out flesh, tan up your pale skin, grow your hair, paint your nails or buy a whole new wardrobe to fit in. Sure, it’s easy to write about all the reasons why we don’t need to change, is it as easy to follow these words? No way. But it’s definitely worth a try! There’s no point wasting energy and happiness to try and achieve a ‘social media worthy’ body when the body we already possess is perfect just for us!

Like me, you may be having a rough time accepting where your body is at this moment in time, and that’s A-OKAY. Let’s have a reminder that all bodies have soft bits. All bodies have parts that jiggle or parts that dimple. All bodies change and grow. All bodies are perfectly beautiful in their own existence.

And the beach will receive this body just as it is #alwaysbeachbodyready


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