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Yummy Tum Tuesday: Putting All Of My Eggs In One Pan

Sometimes life is super hectic, super strained or quite simply you just don’t want to spend a lot of money on ingredients or a lot of time on an elaborate dish.

Today I looked in my fridge and I’ll be honest, it’s pretty empty and looking a bit sad, but there, tucked away in the corner, hid (not very well obviously, the fridge is bare!) half a dozen eggs.

Eggs. The most versatile of ingredient. They can be whipped up into a batter to form fluffy little cakes or squished into a dough for an elaborate home made pasta.

Of course we won’t be doing anything that time consuming today, but this dish will be tasty nonetheless.

A jazzy omelette, we could call it Spanish. All that you’ll need is a blob of oil or butter, 5-6 eggs, a couple of medium potatoes or one big one (peeled), an onion and some salt. Magic.


Peel your potatoes and slice thinly, do the same with your onion.

Heat your oil in a frying pan then add the potato and onion. Stirring fairly frequently until the potato is cooked through (soft).

Whisk up your eggs in a large bowl then add in your cooked potato and onion concoction with salt, the amount just depends on your taste.

Return the mixture to the frying pan and reduce the heat nice and low. Leave to cook until the top of the omelette has hardened, or, if you’re like me and slightly impatient, flip it over prematurely. I’d suggest using a plate to turn the omelette on to, then return to the pan, otherwise it gets a little messy.

Allow to cook through on this side too.

TA DA a simple tasty dish that doesn’t require much time or effort.

Enjoy with a side salad or just eat the whole thing in one go like I did!


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