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Size Matters… Doesn’t It?

Thin people can dislike their body.

Large people can dislike their body.

People who are somewhere in the middle can dislike their body.

Sadly, this seems to be the case more often than not. In a world that’s shrouded in judgement aimed towards both ourselves and others, it seems almost impossible to grasp the act of self love. If we’re not looking at others and condemning them for looking a certain way, then we’re picking flaws in our own image and those words always seem a whole lot more barbaric when heard from within.

My question is, when does it stop? The wishing for smoother skin, defined muscles, smaller thighs? The hate and the lies that we feed ourselves on, swallowed like a bitter pill, when there are probably people out there who envy the different bodies that we live in.

Maybe I’m guilty of this too. Sharing images of my body in hope of inspiring people with a positive message, yet I’m living in a body that doesn’t deal with discrimination or muttered words about size. I don’t know what it’s like to have people joke about my weight or gossip about my food intake. I live in a privileged body which means I can easily post pictures of my belly rolls and calorific recipes and self love without fear of repercussions that someone in a bigger body might face and it saddens me.

Take a moment and think about all the things your body has done for you.

Carried a child?

Healed broken bones?

Cured illness?

Patched up a broken heart?

Even the simple things like digesting food, taking the nutrients from all the food you consume, turning it into energy so you can thrive. Pretty magical if you ask me!

I think that it’s time to move past the notion that health only exists at one size. I think we need to get over this ideal body type that so many people strive towards. Let’s face it, there are slim people existing in the world who only consume junk food, who smoke and drink. Looking from the outside in, you’d probably label them as ‘healthy.’  There are body builders who load up on sodium and purposely dehydrate themselves for competitions, again at a glance they look super fit. There are everyday people who may look ‘healthy’ but are struggling with eating disorders, disease or mental health issues. There are people living in larger bodies who exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet, a lot healthier than those mentioned above, yet they are the first to be questioned on their lifestyle choices. It’s time to stop judging and I include myself in that.

Loving your body, just as it is, is taxing work. There will always be someone who seems to be doing better, looking better, being better than you. But if you ever get to that point when you’re at peace with your body no matter how it looks, you won’t feel the need to compare yourself to anyone and I don’t mean ‘once I get to this weight or this shape I’ll love myself.’ I mean right now, this very second, at this very moment in your journey, regardless of whether you’re losing weight, gaining weight, hitting the gym or just doing the best you can.

It takes patience, it takes kind words, it takes challenging the negative thoughts that you’ve become accustomed to, it takes consistency. But once you start, there’s no going back, isn’t that great?

Thin people can love their body.

Large people can love their body.

People that are somewhere in the middle can love their body.

You can love your body.


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