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Yummy Tum Tuesday: The Love That Is Chocolate

I think it’s magical that you can have the crappiest of days, come back to the comfort of your home, plod to the kitchen, grab a few normally boring ingredients and then with a bit of affection and a bit of attention create something wonderful.

You can trust that mixing chocolate and cream will result in thick, comforting goodness that may well better your mood. Because, yes, food can indeed be a comfort. We are conditioned to equate food with comfort, from the moment we are born: From parents nursing us with milk, to hot chocolate on cold, miserable nights, to pizza with your girlfriends after your first break up. Food has the power to patch up the rough bits, so on occasion, why don’t we let it?

I bring to you the first Yummy Tum Tuesday:

Chocolate Cream Pie, quick and easy, perfect for the days that are a little grey.


Digestives 8 or 10 or somewhere in between… Maybe just buy the whole pack

Butter 70 g

Chocolate 200 g

More Butter 50 g

Double cream 100ml


Make the base.

I started following a recipe but soon realised that my serving dish was a little bigger than needed so I had to make a tad more.

Crush up your digestive biscuits with your hands in a bowl or by popping them in a sandwich bag and whacking with a rolling pin (a great way to get some anger out)

melt your 70g of butter in a pan and once melted, pour into your crushed up biscuit bowl. mix all the goodness together then pat it all down into the bottom of your serving dish and around the sides.

place this into the fridge to chill.

Make the filling

Start by melting the rest of your butter (50g) and once it’s almost melted, lower the temperature of the stove and add your cream.


Add your broken up chocolate. I used 150g of milk chocolate with 50g of dark chocolate because I didn’t want it super sweet. You can adjust the ratios to your taste or just to experiment! (remember it’s all meant to be a bit of fun).

Keep it all on a low heat and stir

Stir a lot

Keep stirring

Yep, keep going

It takes a little while, but once the chocolate is ALL melted into a lovely, runny, creamy mixture you can grab your base out of the fridge and pour in that glorious filling.

Give it a wiggle and make sure it’s even then pop it back in the fridge to set.

Feel free to lick the spoon, the bowl, the pan. don’t leave anything to chance!

Once it’s all set (a couple of hours), you can serve with a dollop of whipped cream and some strawberries, or whatever takes your fancy!

Small note; If you find yourself eating food without thinking, staring mindlessly at the kitchen counter as you tear off lumps of bread. Or your not tasting anything as you hurriedly eat whatever you can find without giving it a second thought then please have a think about what is going on for you. There was a time when I would have eaten this whole pie in one sitting because I struggled so much with food, so please realise that you’re not alone. If you’re struggling with food, with bingeing, purging or restricting then please reach out to someone you trust, take that first step, it’s worth it.


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