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New Detox! Join Now!

Are you tired of feeling glum?

Do you wish that you looked like someone else?

Are you longing for that glowing complexion and a mind free of worry?

Then look no further! The newest detox is available for you to try right now!

No lotions or potions necessary, no counting calories or cutting carbs, no fasts or cleanses needed!

Surely it isn’t that easy?

Oh but it is. All you need to do is grab your phone, I pad, laptop, tablet and switch it off!

Recommended use: 1-2 hours, up the dosage when required.

Warning, withdrawal may occur, symptoms including: feeling fabulous and loving yourself!


Okay, you may think that I’ve gone completely mad and lost the plot, but let’s take a moment to understand what I’m babbling on about.

How many of you have been on your phones today? I’m happy to bet pretty much all of you, maybe your reading this blog post on that very device. Now during that time, how many of you mindlessly scrolled through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? I’ll take a stab in the dark and guess the majority, I know I have!  Finally, how many of you viewed photos and posts that left you feeling empty, sad, a bit out of sorts? Envious of people’s bodies, appearances, holiday snaps, relationships or follower counts. So much so, you began comparing every aspect of your life to this snippet of information given to you on a screen, wishing you were someone else.

This is the sad truth of today’s world. Children, teenagers, men and women, We’re all sat behind screens, double tapping to show appreciation, scrolling for miles in hope of feeling less alone, feeling increasingly unworthy with every ‘like’ and every comment. We seem to be worshipping celebrities and social media ‘stars’, sometimes even becoming envious of our friends. All these people that are leading seemingly glamorous lifestyles and occasionally letting us in on their ‘secrets’.

‘Want abs like me? Follow this near impossible programme that costs a fortune, feel like you’ve failed when you don’t see results, believe that it was a lack of will power and buy the next one. With all profits going into my pocket!’

feeling sluggish? just drink this poop inducing tea every night for a month and feel lighter by the day (due to loss of water, leading to dehydration.’

I’m paraphrasing of course, but these aren’t so untrue.

Let’s take teatoxes for example. Being advertised all over Instagram by men and women, we follow in awe, wondering how we can be just like them. They show the world that by drinking this ‘tea’ you can slim down, be toned, bronzed and ‘beautiful’. Is this the truth? No.

The reality is, these ‘teas’ are selling something that’s not safe nor is it glamorous. Yet we have teenagers (and adults) looking up to these celebrities who are encouraging it’s use. We believe that if we drink it we will too become ‘desirable’. So what are we dealing with? To put it bluntly, laxatives. The two main ingredients found within majority of these teas are seena and chinese rhubarb root, whilst being natural ingredients, they are also laxatives.

Now I’m not sure about you, but I don’t see sitting on the loo all night as a glamorous activity.

They also don’t have a lasting effect on weight loss (wait, what? something that is advertised as an aid of weight loss doesn’t actually help? you got it). Ultimately they get rid of the crap (literally) in your body, including the important stuff like electrolytes, nutrients and liquids. So after spending hours on the toilet you’ll be left severely dehydrated, you may see the number on the scale decrease but your weight will return no sooner than you drink a glass of water. Also, on going dependency on laxatives can lead to the colon not working properly, becoming stretched and/or infected (so glam)

These people that we look up to in admiration are just profiting off of people hating themselves, who want a quick fix to all of the things they’ve been taught to hate. They are profiting off something that doesn’t work and can also cause long term damage:

  • cramps
  • fatigue
  • mouth ulcers
  • dehydration
  • heart failure
  • stroke

Something else that is plastered all over social media and is creeping into the crevasses of our minds is the clean eating trend. Now this is a tricky topic to pick apart and I feel like I should clarify: I am all for educating people of the benefits of nutrition. Spreading awareness about nutrients, vitamins and all that lovely stuff, because eating things that nourish the body is wonderful! But you know what’s also great? Nourishing the soul. Not depriving yourself because it doesn’t fit into your clean eating box. That includes sugars, fats, carbohydrates and all the other foods that people seem to be boycotting.

It saddens me when I log onto Instagram and see a perfectly put together bowl full of acai stuff looking as if it took 3 hours to create, or seeing plate after plate of ‘clean’ foods with not a smidge of fats or carbs. Am I bitter? Jealous? No, I can afford these wacky ingredients, I could put together a smoothie bowl if I really wanted to (I used to in fact). But I could not think of anything worse that getting up at 5am for work and worrying about what I can or can’t have to eat (this is not including allergies), give me a slice of buttered toast any morning.

I do understand that some people love this stuff and it really is for them, but there are people out there who see these crazes on social media and get swept up. They become obsessed with ‘clean eating’ it takes over completely and can develop into more disordered habits around food. This whole trend has gone past encouraging people to ‘cut back on processed foods’ and promoting a healthy living. Instead, it’s highlighted more worries and anxiety surrounding diets.

The amount of times I’ve heard friends and family discuss which foods they’re cutting from their diets  (carbs and fats being the favourites) and it saddens me deeply. Because not only does cutting out whole food groups impact greatly on your mental health with possibilities of anxieties surrounding food, body image issues or eating disorders. But it also effects your physical health, leading to such things as nutrient deficiencies.

So you can see the danger of social media and the influence it has on not only teenagers but men and women too. We now see our normal lifestyles being warped into something else, we are unknowingly falling into disordered eating behaviours and body image issues with trends such as cutting calories, purging calories with exercise, abusing laxatives being disguised as teas, clean eating and all the other messed up things we’re taught along the way. The worst part, we have learnt all of these disordered habits from diet culture and the majority of people don’t realise how dangerous it is.

So do yourself a favour, next time you feel yourself being drawn into the black hole that is social media, questioning your choices, your diet, your appearance, your body, your ability and all the rest, take a step back, shake it off and realise that these ‘stars’ on social media probably take a thousand pictures to get the perfect one, they struggle and fight as much as anyone else, they have bad days. They probably have all the same thoughts you do, so what’s the point?

Put the phone, tablet or I pad down and take a walk, realise that there’s so much more beauty outside than you’ll ever find on that little screen.

Realise that you don’t need to cleanse, detox, starve to ‘be better’, to be worthy or beautiful because you already are all of those things. You don’t need to eat clean or spend money on ridiculous ingredients that cost a fortune. You don’t need validation from your favourite blogger, vlogger, youtuber, ‘fitspo’ or even your friends. YOU ARE WORTHY.

So switch off social media, this is one detox you have my permission on.


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