mental wellness

Please Don’t Judge Me

Please don’t judge me when I’m less than good company. 

When my eyes are brimming with tears,

When all my energy is focused on not falling apart in front of you,

When I leave work early for reasons that may not be justified in your eyes. 

Please don’t judge me when I’m not quite myself,

When you think that I’m over reacting over trivial things,

When the fight that I battle day in and day out makes the smallest of appearances to the outside world. 

Because you will never see the full extent.

The sleepless nights,

The false smiles,

The silent sobbing on the bathroom floor,

The relentless thoughts that could darken the brightest of sky’s.

Please don’t judge me when all I write about is mental wellbeing, for it’s the only way I can escape those thoughts, 

Please don’t tire of me or shut me down because you don’t think mental illness is a priority.

It is.

It’s as much a priority as your physical health. It deserves to be spoken about and accepted. 

But if you do choose to judge me, it’s okay. I will not beg or plead with you to accept me. I will continue this battle and I will win, in hope to help others just like me.


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