mental wellness

Butterfly Of Self Doubt

It would flutter and dance, not once leaving my side,

Casting shadows of doubt whenever it pleased.

I spent all of my days wrapped in a cocoon of despair,

Not good, or pretty, or funny

Not Thin, or smart, or enough.

Holding me close, it grew as I began to shrink,

The light was scarce and I lost my grip, my doubts unleashed my darkest fears.

But as the years passed, it’s wings soon shrunk.

The control was mine once more.

I was not stupid, or ugly, or dull.

As I built myself up, the butterfly wavered. It faltered and fell with this new found acceptance.

That’s not to say it’s gone, no, not quite.

It still flutters and dances, right here by my side.

On occasion it will flit, it will swoop and my mind becomes clouded.

But I know it’s okay,

For after all, maybe the butterfly just proves,

We all should go through the darkness to transform.



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