I wish recovery was linear, A simple sprint A to B.

A task so clear, we run it quick, with no worry and no fear.

But instead we have a ‘marathon’

A tricky one at that.

A familiar feeling begins to bubble up and before you know it, all those thoughts, they start to fall apart

‘Hey I thought I was nearly over it!’

Well no,

This is really just the start.

The battle is ongoing

Something you may fear will never end at all.

You can’t keep count of all the efforts, or the countless times you fall.

I can tell you it gets better,

But What use will that be?

Because right now you are suffering and that end goal becomes a bit harder for you to see.

But you WILL be okay as this is just a blip,

Everything will get back to normal and let’s hope you have a while before your next big slip.

You need the courage of a lion

The patience of a saint.

So I really wish recovery was linear,



I don’t feel so great.


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