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Sorry, That Gives Me Anxiety.

Airports Aeroplanes Public transport I mean the buses, the trains, the tube, the people Too many people Not enough people Teaching classes Calling in sick (liar) My parents going away My fiancé going out My apartment, alone, the dark Food Too much food Not enough food Shopping for food Judgement Doing things wrong Whatever that… Continue reading Sorry, That Gives Me Anxiety.

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Is ‘Fitspo’ Damaging Our Mental Well-being?

Fitspo/Fitsporation: Images or words that women (or men) post with the purpose of inspiring others to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.  50,039,695 Fitspo posts are floating around Instagram as I write this blog post, sitting in a corner of Starbucks, sipping coffee and eating cake between the two spin classes I teach on a… Continue reading Is ‘Fitspo’ Damaging Our Mental Well-being?

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Why I Can’t Entertain Your Negative Body Chit Chat Anymore 

Negative body image, a topic that we, as a society, bond over. Especially women. I get it, we need common ground, something we can fall back on when the talk of the weather gets a little too tedious. Something that makes us feel a little less alone with our 'flaws'.  But surely there are more… Continue reading Why I Can’t Entertain Your Negative Body Chit Chat Anymore 

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My Anxiety (and ways to cope) 

Beep. Beep. Beep.  The annoyingly upbeat sound of a brand new day.  Wrapped in the safety of darkness, I try and ignore the emerging feeling of dread as I battle through sleep dust and yesterday's forgotten mascara to open my eyes.  Coffee first. Maybe tea? Then food.  All the while pretending I can't feel the… Continue reading My Anxiety (and ways to cope)