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Who’s Going To Save Me?

I used to think of depression as poetic, maybe even romantic. Crying softly into the chest of a boyfriend, having the tears tenderly brushed away, being rescued from the sadness much like you see in the films, waiting for your hero. No one prepares us for the reality. Last week a bout of depression crept… Continue reading Who’s Going To Save Me?

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Are You Living Your Fullest Life?

As I write this I'm sitting in bed with the curtains draw, there's clothes scattered around the floor and dirty dishes cluttering the sink. A world that isn't glamorous, nor would it look 'full' to a lot of people, not whilst there's exotic corners of the world to discover, incredible food to taste, history to… Continue reading Are You Living Your Fullest Life?

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Cut That Out Of Your Diet

Disclaimer: If your are allergic or have intolerances towards certain food products/groups then you should 100% listen to the advice from your medical professional. If you don't eat certain foods or fast for religious beliefs then please note that this post isn't directed towards those practices. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Carbs make you puffy, a bloated mess. Don't… Continue reading Cut That Out Of Your Diet

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What Do You Mean You’re Not Vegan?!

I'm apprehensive to open up this topic of conversation as I've found both sides of the debate to, on occasion, be accusing and allow little to no room for compromise. These subjects are polarising, with innocent discussions turning into a battle ground of right and wrong, pure and impure, healthy and unhealthy. There are those… Continue reading What Do You Mean You’re Not Vegan?!

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Yummy Tum Tuesday: Putting All Of My Eggs In One Pan

Sometimes life is super hectic, super strained or quite simply you just don't want to spend a lot of money on ingredients or a lot of time on an elaborate dish. Today I looked in my fridge and I'll be honest, it's pretty empty and looking a bit sad, but there, tucked away in the… Continue reading Yummy Tum Tuesday: Putting All Of My Eggs In One Pan